Designed to Sell Portfolio

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A new perspective on home staging.

Take a look at some of NPRE’s recent home staging projects. We design homes to sell.

Kitchens Designed to Sell

Buyers love beautiful gourmet kitchens with rich textures, upgraded cabinets, counters, and appliances. But, remodeling is expensive. Updating a kitchen with fresh paint, new lighting, cabinet pulls, and stainless steel appliances will entice even the pickiest buyers.

Dining Rooms Designed to Sell

Dining rooms are classic gathering spaces for any household. Buyers need to imagine laughter and celebration filling these eating spaces. Eye-pleasing decorations and comfortable seating create an engaging atmosphere for everyday meals and special occasions.

Living Rooms Designed to Sell

Creating attractive and purposeful spaces is key. Living rooms should have just the right size and number of furnishings to convey a warm and inviting atmosphere. Selecting complementary colors for each room will enhance the buyer experience and integrate the home’s existing color palette.

Bedrooms Designed to Sell

Buyers look for bedrooms that feel serene and tranquil; a place to unwind and lay the day’s worries to rest. Supple bedding, uncluttered spaces, and quiet reading corners can help bedrooms feel inviting and calming.

Other Spaces Designed to Sell

Connecting spaces throughout the home encourages buyers to move from one room to another and feel like the house is complete. Carefully selecting and placing accessories is like putting a ribbon and bow on a package; it makes the rooms look special and thoughtful.

Outdoor Spaces Designed to Sell

With 300 + days of sunshine to enjoy in Denver each year, buyers want great outdoor spaces. Front porches and back patios should feel comfortable and vibrant. Colorful pillows and flowers, thoughtfully placed furniture, and lush greenery help set the mood.