Careers at New Perspective Real Estate

Careers at New Perspective Real Estate

With the desire to bring a fresh view to Denver real estate, Jody E. Donley created New Perspective Real Estate in October of 2005.

Her goal wasn’t just to change the client’s experience, but the client’s perspective about residential real estate transactions — from intimidating to approachable, from chaotic to comfortable, from distant to personable.

Today, our team of top real estate agents delivers a client experience so positive, more than 90% of our business comes from direct referrals.

We are a team of highly talented, award-winning, positive-thinking agents synergistically involved to create a fun and friendly, yet ambitious environment where we passionately serve our clients.

We strive to make our clients raving fans by providing a magnificent experience. This desire and commitment drive the products and services we provide to our clients, and to NPRE team members as well. We believe that adding value to our clients’ experience will create an abundance of referral and repeat business, which in turn will provide long term revenue, satisfaction, and career success for the team and individuals within the company.

Our small company size affords us the ability to be nimble and adjust to the ever-changing real estate market. Our goal is to allow each of our agents to shine. That’s why the company is named New Perspective Real Estate, not “Donley and Associates”. We recognize and embrace the fact that our agents are individuals. Each associate brings her/his own point of view and experiences. We help our team members promote their uniqueness and strengths, allowing him/her to excel. We help our agents customize her/his voice in the market place, while encouraging each associate to leverage the 11+ years of goodwill, best practices, and outstanding brand of NPRE.

We are not the cheapest. We don’t believe in cheap; we believe in value.

We believe in quality over quantity. We believe that an individual can make a difference, but doesn’t have to do it alone. With synergy we can have a greater impact towards positive outcomes.

We are courageous achievers who are unafraid of hard work or challenge. We seek ways to elevate our experience and that of those around us. We recognize a job well done, and then ask, how can we do it better next time? We cultivate untapped potential in ourselves and each other. We recognize the benefits of our hard work and enjoy the fruits of our labor.

We have integrity and we care. Not only do we do what is fair and right, we go above expectations. We are passionate about serving our clients to help them obtain their real estate goals. We understand that we also have a responsibility to the public — as industry ambassadors — to treat them with honesty, respect and dignity. We give back to the community in many ways. In fact, our team organizes and promotes the annual Stapleton Community Food Drive.

We have fun.

We gather socially several times a year. In fact, we take an annual retreat away from our work to celebrate ourselves and each other.

We provide the resources like our Designed to Sell service to help make our listings out-perform the market. We have technology and tools to make the details of production easier. We have systems in place to provide checks and balances to help our team stay in compliance in our heavily-regulated industry.

We are not a fit for everyone.
Our most successful agents generally fall into two groups:

group one

People in the first group are visionaries; those who never settle for less than the best and want to work with the top real estate agents in town. They understand and appreciate that an intelligent and synergistic environment with a strong brand identity can help them achieve their career goals.

group two

The second are also visionaries but they struggle with their current real estate business. They have been disappointed with the services and support at their current firm. Or, they no longer feel passionate about their careers because their work environment is dull and unproductive. They feel undervalued and under-appreciated. They are ready for a change but are so afraid, confused, or overwhelmed by the process, they become paralyzed with fear.

Do you identify with either group? Are you ready for a change?
To start a conversation about opportunities at NPRE, contact Jody Donley.